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Carey Marx






Carey Marx has been a circuit favourite for years mixing his own blend of dark humour with his mischeivious and gleeful delivery. His willful disregard for the controversial and delicate is tempered beautifully by his ability to find joy in the most unexpected places. This hilarious mix of edgy topics and playful gagsmithery can be seen at all the top clubs across the country with Marx regularly playing Jongleurs, Komedia and The Comedy Store and annually compering Reading, Leeds and Glastonbury Festivals.

Carey regularly comperes the best clubs in the country and plays at the most prestigious festivals. His first solo show to appear at the Leicester Comedy Festival won a nomination for Best Show.

Carey has performed all over the world including a run in the Middle East and he performed at the New Zealand Comedy Festival for the first time this year scooping the award for Best International Show.

Careyness ““ New Zealand Comedy Festival 2009
Careyness ““ Leicester Comedy Festival 2009
Careyness – Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2008
Sincerity Aside ““ Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2007
Onomatopoeia Society III ““ Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2007
White Night – Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2006
Marry Me ““ Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2005
Albino Hunter ““ Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2003

Latitude Festival
Reading Festival
Leeds Festival
Glastonbury FestivalI ““ MC 2004-2009
Bestival ““ 2008

Slam ““ Channel 4
The Jack Docherty Show – Channel 5
Gas ““ Channel 4
The Stand Up Show ““ BBC1
Trick on Two ““ BBC2
Loose Women ““ ITV
Faking It – Channel 4
Comedy Cuts ““ ITV2
Comedy Blue- Paramount (2006 & 2007)
World Stands Up­ ““ Paramount
BBC Breakfast ““ BBC1 (July 2008 & Oct 2008)

Marry Me – 2006 ““ Publisher: Headline Review
Carey has written sketches that have appeared on the BBC and is currently writing for Nick Doody’s radio show Bigipedia.

Height: 5’8
Weight: 82.6kg
Casting age: 40-45
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown/Black
Skills: Sleight of hand magic, juggling, robot dancing, comedy writing and performance, hypnosis, snowboarding, full driving license, balloon sculpting.

Press for Careyness

Guardian Pick of the day 19/08/08
The top 10 most offensive subjects in comedy tested by the knife-edged standup.

Guardian Pick of the week 10/01/09
Awkward misfit Marx has a genius for the unexpected and hilarious left turns.

“His love of language is evident throughout and an analytical gift which extends beyond mere observation.
This is comedy of the most cerebral variety, material capable of provoking both thought and laughter, well-paced and decisively delivered.” óóóóó The Herald

“Marx is no empty-headed shock comic, causing offence for offence’s sake. Here he intelligently argues his case for every sick topic, every taboo word, that features in his set. He’s thought about this stuff ““ a lot “¦ This is a show about the power and beauty of language, as much as anything, though it just happens to be illustrated with some corking yet hardcore gags, too.” óóóó Chortle

“His delivery is assured, and it has to be when dealing with this subject matter. His slick, twisted logic sees him take his own arguments and turn them on their head, making you question your own assumptions.” óóóó Broadway Baby

“Few comedians put as much consideration into their routines as Marx clearly has “¦ jokes which come at an astonishing rate, and rarely miss their mark “¦ essential viewing.” óóóó The Fest
“It’s a skill to make a whole room guffaw to stories about suicide, disability and mass death, and Marx pulls the task off effortlessly, aided by his cheeky grin and passion for words. There are some truly joyous moments in his set: both when he’s diving head-first in the darkest realms of comedy, and when he lightens the tone.” óóóó Metro

“He is just “Evil” in a cute devilish way.” óóóó One 4 Review

“Marx has a way of deconstructing language’s absurdities which is brainy and funny at the same time.

Marx tells us he cares about words, and he more than proves that you can make hilarious comedy that is thought provoking and conscious of both its freedoms and its responsibilities.” The Stage


“Marx’s slick delivery lends itself to clever verbal comedy, while his flexible features can switch in an instant from cheeky schoolboy grin to menacing stare.” The Scotsman

“Anecdotally debauched “¦ But if his lines are frequently sick, they’re elegantly written, too, and there’s a childlike glee to his naughtiness “¦ Underrated and for the most part criminally overlooked.” The Herald

“Hilariously demented” Edinburgh Evening News

“This may seem like a dangerous selection of topics for a midday slot at a middle-class festival but Marx is smart, with writing that is well structured, clever and slickly delivered. So rather than cause offensive, he is actually charming and very, very funny.” Chortle (Latitude Festival)

“Excellent.” The Guardian.

“Unbelievably Funny.” óóóó Kate Copstick, The Scotsman

“The man has a wicked sense of humour “¦ a star in waiting” óóóóó One 4 Review

“highly engaging, devilish, menacing and totally mesmerizing show” Edinburgh Guide

“He is a masterful styalist, gracefully switching from surrealism to sardonic irony.” óóóó Skinny Fest

“a truly winning hour of entertainment” óóóó Metro

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