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Pete Jonas




He’s a very natural comedian and likable to boot.” FEST MAGAZINE (2010)

Pete Jonas moved to London from Melbourne to continue a promising marketing career. Instead, he found himself unable to contain the increasing number of wise cracks in his head and a desire to rant about things from the stage.

His two-man 2006 Edinburgh Festival show, Brokeback Britain, was totally sold out and received 4-star reviews. Since then, he has travelled and performed extensively, including shows in New York, Singapore, Switzerland, Australia, Holland, Greece and Cornwall.

“A sleek, professional act”¦ the pace, emphasis and rhythm of his delivery is spot-on. A rock-solid act guaranteed to entertain.” CHORTLE

His 2010 debut solo show, Dark Side of the Poon, made quite an impact at the Edinburgh Festival. It became “one of the most talked about shows at the Edinburgh Fringe” (GETCOMEDY.COM) and was the most controversial comedy show at the Festival. In addition to receiving several good reviews, the show became notorious for receiving the festival’s only zero star review. Jonas responded to the zero star review with an open letter back to the reviewer, which quickly became infamous.

“Brilliant” THE STAGE

“An engaging comic with a genuine talent.” THE AUSTRALIAN TIMES

★ ★ ★ ★ “A very entertaining act.” BROADWAY BABY

“A great performance, with solid laughs all round.” SELLINGE FESTIVAL

“With a powerful stage manner, Jonas has a knack for building a rapport with comedy audiences.” TNT MAGAZINE

“Sheer good humour”¦ a well-crafted show with jokes which hit.” THE SCOTSMAN

“The execution of this work is perfect”¦ hilariously insightful” THE LIST

★ ★ ★ ★ “Spot on observations about life in Britain” EDFRINGE.COM

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