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Rich Wilson




Rich Wilson has loved comedy ever since his older nextdoor neighbour gave him a cassette of Eddie Murphy-Delirious.”It was the most mind blowing thing I’d ever heard.My young ears had never heard language like it.”

His comedy asperations lay dorment until he got a job as a barman at a comedy club in Greenwich,South London,called Up The Creek.

“It was the most amazing job ever.I was in awe of the comics that appeared every weekend.”

After getting friendly with a few of the comics,a couple of them suggested that he should give comedy a go himself and so in October of 2004,Rich took his first tentative steps out onto the comedy circuit at a club called The Bullingdon.

“I was booked to do five minutes and I managed about two and a half before I legged it. I’ve never known fear like it.”

Since then Rich hasn’t looked back.He is a regular at all the major comedy clubs up and down the country including Jongleurs,The Comedy Cafe and The Big Night Out,to name but a few.

As well as being able to deliver a good strong set,with subject matters ranging from being a young father to observational material on the obsurdities of life in general,he is rapidly becoming one of the most in demand comperes in the country with his ability to think on his feet and tame even the toughest of crowds with his likable,charming manner.

With Rich Wilson you are guaranteed a fantastic evening of top class entertainment.

“Highly entertaining”-Time Out.

“He’s a very very funny man”-Frank Skinner.

“I thoroughly enjoyed myself.”-Damon Hill,ex Formula One.

“He looks like a fat Noel Fielding”-Audience member,Jongleurs Battersea.

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